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    Alpinia galanga (Galangal) - 1oz

    This is authentic Himalyan Galangal (the one used by the mystics and NOT the culinary one) that was a favorite of Aleister Crowley, the English occultist.

    Reportedly, alone it's a powerful aphrodisiac, but becomes an extremely useful tool to create psychic awareness when used with with wild alpine turmeric (not to be confused with the common spice turmeric). Combining these two mystical roots enabled the perfect yin-yang / body-mind balance according to ancient scriptures, and may be the reason that Aleister Crowley found it so useful.

    A powerful aphrodisiac and predominantly used in ancient India and Tibet along with wild alpine turmeric (not to be confused with the spice turmeric) as a tool to create psychic awareness. Combining these two mystical roots enabled the perfect yin -yang / body - mind balance according to ancient scriptures.

    Being exposed to the vapors and smoke of this combination (or wild galangal by itself) when burned as an incense is thought to increase energy and overcome exhaustion, melancholy, and sadness. Many Tibetan incense formulas still use Galangal, especially in formulas to promote awareness, overcome physical exhaustion and create a mood for contemplation.

    Galangal was known to the ancient Indians, and has been in the West since the Middle Ages. Its stimulant and tonic properties (also to instantly reduce fever and indigestion) are recognized by the Arabs who ginger up their horses with it, and by the Tartars, who take it in tea. In the East, it is taken powdered as a snuff, and is used in perfumery and in brewing. Another mystical property of this root is that it can be re used several times when used for making tea. Simply boil 1 oz of the root / 3 cups of water for 5 minutes, remove the galangal and let dry. Re use when you are ready for another journey to awareness.

    The sources of this information: Crowley was an Englishman famed occultist who spent years studying Raaja Yoga with mystics. Many of the interactions with them are not recorded in English. Raaja Yoga mentions the yoga of light-containing herbs, and in sanskrit, turmeric and galangal are clearly depicted in them. He is said to have been deeply impressed by the Indo-Chinese influence on local people in Sikkim the area where galangal and wild turmeric are used extensively to this day in meditative ceremonies.

    Chinese tradition offered the theory of yin and yang while the Indian tradition offered the theory of the Yoga; of light containing herbs. It is common folk knowledge in India and Burma about Crowely promoting the biggest trade in light containing herbs at the time between India and England.

    The religion he created and much of his work was destroyed (a few books exist) because he also wrote very controversial books, so much of the information is common knowledge that is passed down in the old fashioned way; by tradition and word of mouth.

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