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    Nepalese Shaman™ Blend

    According to the ancient ancestral cult embodied in India, Nepal, Burma, Tibet and China the roles played by shamans was unparalleled by either king or priest. Only the shaman could recognize the signs of a cosmos in or out of balance and the methods required to ensure harmony. This method unilaterally engaged the use of plant and animal material.

    The word "shaman" originates from two sources, India and Russia. History says the first shamans as we know them came from amidst the Tungus people in northern Siberia, who related its origin to the Hindu word Samaa or Sramaa, which means “the monk who can speak to plants and animals”.

    Through rigorous training and practice these holy men who wandered the Himalayas, learnt the art of going into a trance, using music and rhythms and consciousness expanding substances, that naturally occurred in plants. A good shaman is able to acquire admission to other planes of reality, his soul can leave his body, go into heaven or into the underworld and come back with messages for his people.

    To perform these tasks the shaman carries a number of tools, a white stone, a drum, a small gong, a horn, a dagger, as well as a holy stick used for exorcisms and a wooden board used for spirit writing. Their rituals always take place around birch grooves under the open sky -- in the "lap of nature," where everything has a spirit. The plants commonly used Nepalese Shaman were acacia, calamus, galangal, myrhh, hemp, davana, tobacco, turmeric, poppy, sweetgrass skullcap and valerian. Ancient shamans believed that this combination of plants can free the soul from corporeal confinement, allowing it to wander free and return to the body.

    In recreating this blend we used oils, powders, petals and seeds of blue lotus, calamus, camphor, red poppy petals, acacia, davana, frankincense, galalangal, turmeric, valerian, skullcap and sweetgrass.

    Recreational Use: Mix a pinch (less than 3 grams) with any smoking blend and use in a pipe or rolled as a cigarette.

    Ceremonial Use: This ritual should always be accompanied by music and a drink – either alcohol (very mild red or pink wine – NO white wine or strong alcohol) or non alcoholic (blue lotus tea, blue lily tea, bala root tea, calamus tea) Throw a pinch of the Nepalese Shaman blend on a hot rock or in a charcoal burner set on a tripod. Inhale the vapors deeply for a few minutes, lie down on your back, close your eyes and meditate on your third eye – you will find yourself floating into a calm state of bliss.

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