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    Blue Lotus 25:1 Standardized Extract

    This is the only true Blue Lotus 25:1 Standardized Extract with a verifiable aporphine and nuciferine content present. This pure extract is made with a cold, high pressure CO2 extraction method, so that there are no poisonous residues left behind. The "China Blue" Blue Lotus Crystals you may see elsewhere is the ineffective copy of this true extract. The plant comes from the same single pond on a small farm in Nepal, and we are the exclusive distributors for this unique product. Completely soluble in alcohol and reasonably soluble in purified or distilled water.

    Like Kratom, there is A LOT of false information about Blue Lotus and Blue Lily plants and extracts on the internet. We have a botanist working for us from India, who specializes in rare and exotic botanicals, and has verified that we have both the descriptions, usage, history, and product names right; many other botanical sites have it backwards or just plain wrong.

    This Blue Lotus 25:1 Standardized Extract is available exclusively through us, and many other shops are trying to pretend that this product is a scam, simply because they do not have the technology to make this rare product. As we try to state as clearly as we can; the "China Blue" or "Blue Lotus Crystals" or any similar products are the true "scams", and this is EXACTLY why we offer the "China Blue Crystals" on this site as allows you to be an informed consumer, and can help you to make a better decision in your purchase. As usual, we care about bringing true products that we personally believe in to our customers; we are here for the long term, and our business is based on repeat customers and word of mouth, so we do everything we can to offer only the products that we are personally passionate about, such as the Blue Lotus 25:1 Standardized Extract.

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