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    Blend - "Diviner's Three" Burning Blend
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    A potent combination of sacred herbs, including Wild Dagga, premium Blue Lily of the Nile, and Salvia divinorum Prime Harvest and a couple others. The perfect blend of herbs took many months of trial-and-error, but we eventually found the perfect formula. Don't be fooled by competitors claiming to have the "Diviner’s Three" recipe; they're simply not the same, and use a more commercially available, inferior B. Lotus that has little, if any active components. Both the Dagga and the Blue Lily are richly aromatic, and each herb intertwines with the next, potentiating a rich experience.

    Due to the Salvia content, this is for use as an incense component only.

    (1 oz) DTH-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) DTH-4OZ | Your Cost:
    (16 oz) DTH-16Z | Your Cost:

    Blend - Druid Mood Blend Smoke
    View this product in more detail >>

    This tobacco-free blend was created originally to solicit the favor of Tatha, an ancient goddess of Scotland. Keeper of most famous river, Tatha on whose shore an ancient Druid prophet, whose name is lost in antiquity was divinely presented the original blends.

    The "divine blends" were sold in bags and pouches all over Scotland as "smoke and drink blends" – to be simultaneously drank as a tea and smoked in a pipe "to be rid of the lethargies that plague the body and open the mind to the spirits above!"

    The Diviner blend became popular as a fantastic tool to enhance spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. It was used by Druid priests to drive away negative energies and restore balance for both spirit and mind.


    (1/2 oz) SDB-HOZ | Your Cost:
    (1 oz) SDB-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) SDB-4OZ | Your Cost:

    Blend - Native American Herbal Smoke
    View this product in more detail >>

    To Native Americans, herbs represented not only food and medicine but also spirit and magic. They were used with great respect and had had life and power.”

    Using these principles, our chemist developed a blend of herbs, that can be used in the traditional herbal method of native American medicine men. This blend can be smoked, used as a smudge and in combination with the tea, and is intended to help alleviate feelings of sadness and negativity, inability to focus and provide clarity of thought.

    Click image for full story...

    (1/2 oz) NAB-HOZ | Your Cost:
    (1 oz) NAB-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) NAB-4OZ | Your Cost:

    Blueberry Buds Smoking Blend
    View this product in more detail >>

    This herbal smoke product is what a lot of the "alternative smoke" sites sell as a "legal alternative", but we offer it here because this product contains herbs that have traditional uses in shamanistic cultures. These richly aromatic (Yes, they have an intense Blueberry scent!) pressed "buds" are said to contain, among a few others, a blend of Wild Dagga, Wild Lettuce, and Leonotis Sibericus, all of which are top sellers here. They don't quite fit with the focus of our shop, but we like to offer as wide a range of items as possible to our customers.

    (1/2 oz) BBB-HOZ | Your Cost:
    (1 oz) BBB-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) BBB-4OZ | Your Cost:

    Wild Dagga Flowers (Lion's Tail)
    View this product in more detail >>

    These are the prized flowers from the infamous Wild Dagga plant. The active component responsible for the euphoric effects of this plant is Leonurine, which has now been isolated and is being synthesized in a lab. The Xhosa tribe of South Africa made this plant famous and prized both the leaves and the flowers of this powerful ally. The flowers were often added to tobacco, but act as a great potentiator for many other herbs. The flowers are where the most concentrated active alkaloids are.

    Be wary of sites offering Wild Dagga Flowers flowers for less; they usually have the useless, weighty seed pods with them. Ours flowers are soft, orange flowers only, hand-picked, with no pods, and they are already cheaper than anywhere else.

    (7 grams) WDF-7G | Your Cost:
    (14 grams) WDF-14G | Your Cost:
    (28 grams) WDF-28G | Your Cost:

    Leonotis Sibericus (Marihuanilla)
    View this product in more detail >>

    Our growers carefully harvest this particular strain of Leonotis at its peak potency, which not only makes for a smoother burning leaf, but gives this carefully dried herb its unique appearance as well. The inhabitants of the rugged and remote mountainous region in the Mexican state of Chiapis fondly refer to this herb as Marahuanilla or "Little Marijuana", but it is also known as Siberean Mugwort and as Chinese Motherwort as well. It has been used for ages in in Chinese medicine for various ailments. We don't find this to be quite as effective as the Klip Dagga or our flat dried Dagga leaf, but we offer it because it is a popular request by our customers, and it does provide a smooth smoke for blending with other herbs.

    (1 oz) MRH-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) MRH-4OZ | Your Cost:
    (16 oz) MRH-16Z | Your Cost:

    Wild Dagga Flat Dried Leaf (Klip)
    View this product in more detail >>

    This Wild Dagga Flat Leaf is our premium Dagga product, picked by hand from our private reserve, without the use of pesticides of any kind. Used by the Xhosa tribesmen of South Africa as an inebriant, this is the much sought after "Klip Dagga" strain, but hand-picked and cured for ultimate appearance and quality. This Flat Leaf Wild Dagga is ideal using as a relaxing smoke, or as an admixture to any favorite herbal smoking product.

    (1 oz) DCL-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) DCL-4OZ | Your Cost:
    (16 oz) DCL-16Z | Your Cost:

    Wild Dagga - Lion's Tail (Leonotis Leonurus)
    View this product in more detail >>

    This dried Wild Dagga is wildcrafted and harvested sustainably. This is another product that we buy directly from the growers, who still use this plant for themselves to this day. This unusually potent Leonotis leonurus (Lion's Tail) leaf is often preferred by our customers, and gets the most repeat customers, partially because we offer it at such a reduced price. We want to encourage as much sustainable harvesting of this particular Wild Dagga as we can, so offering it near-wholesale allows us to buy more from the growers.

    Many traditional uses have been recorded. This foliage is commonly made into a medicinal tea, which is favored for the hypnotic focus it gives.

    (1 oz) WDL-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) WDL-4OZ | Your Cost:
    (16 oz) WDL-16Z | Your Cost:



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