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    Blue Lotus 25:1 Standardized Extract
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    This is the only true Blue Lotus 25:1 Standardized Extract with a verifiable aporphine and nuciferine content present. This pure extract is made with a cold, high pressure CO2 extraction method, so that there are no poisonous residues left behind. The "China Blue" Blue Lotus Crystals you may see elsewhere is the ineffective copy of this true extract. The plant comes from the same single pond on a small farm in Nepal, and we are the exclusive distributors for this unique product. Completely soluble in alcohol and reasonably soluble in purified or distilled water.

    (1 gram) BLC-1G | Your Cost:
    (3 grams) BLC-3G | Your Cost:
    (10 grams) BLC-10G | Your Cost:

    Three Lotus Paste (Tibetan Blend)
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    This potent paste is a highly concentrated form of the lotus available in our popular "Bali Blend" tea. This paste is available in EXTREMELY limited quantities, and is the very paste used in Buddhist temple rituals to, in their words; “give the spirit wings” for their meditation practice. In the proper setting, the smoke a very small amount with their favorite herbal smoking blend, where it reportedly opens up mental centers and promotes not only a clarity of mind, but a deep and profound connection with the animal world.

    (1 gram) 3LP-1G | Your Cost:
    (3 grams) 3LP-3G | Your Cost:
    (10 grams) 3LP-10G | Your Cost:

    White Lotus 25:1 Standardized Extract
    View this product in more detail >>

    This is the only true White Lotus 25:1 Standardized Extract and the ethnobotanist who created this preferred it over the Blue Lotus 25:1. This pure extract is made with a cold, high pressure CO2 extraction method, so that there are no poisonous residues left behind. The plant comes from the same single pond on a small farm in Nepal, and we are the exclusive distributors for this unique product. Completely soluble in alcohol and reasonably soluble in purified or distilled water.

    (1 gram) WLC-1G | Your Cost:
    (3 grams) WLC-3G | Your Cost:
    (10 grams) WLC-10G | Your Cost:

    Chocolate - Raw Cacao Beans
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    Fair traded, Certified Organic Raw Chocolate, Pure Cocoa nibs.

    This natural product is a raw foodist's dream; all chocolate comes from cacao beans, and these are pure, organic, unadulterated cacao beans. This is the original food of the gods and the least thought of superfood. Raw chocolate is not only one of the richest sources of antioxidants, Dr. Drewnowski from the University of Michigan found that chocolate triggers the production of opioids. Opioids are chemicals, such as those found in opium, that produce a feeling of well-being (euphoria). He found that eating chocolate causes the brain to produce natural opiates, which dulI pain and increase a feeling of well-being


    (8 oz) RAW-8OZ | Your Cost:
    (16 oz) RAW-16Z | Your Cost:

    Blend - Chill Herbal Smoking Blend
    View this product in more detail >>

    In stock and shipping same day. Inhaling aromatic smoke, or smoking, can alter state of mind by inducing the awareness of the sacred and by the specific pharmacologic effects of the material smoked. Inhaling the smoke from burning aromatic herbs to produce altered awareness is possibly as old as the capacity to control fire.

    This being said, this Master Blend, "when smoked lightly, can give the best blend of spiritual & scientific realms." This herbal smoking blend contains a potent mixture of herbs, oils, extracts and resins, with effects that are reportedly "far from subtle". This new product comes packaged in a vinyl tobacco pouch complete with rolling papers, and is a fraction of the price of any competing herbal product of its kind.

    (1/2 oz) ARY-HOZ | Your Cost:
    (1 oz) ARY-1OZ | Your Cost:

    Nepalese Shaman™ Blend
    View this product in more detail >>

    The plants commonly used Nepalese Shaman were acacia, calamus, galangal, myrhh, hemp, davana, tobacco, turmeric, poppy, sweetgrass skullcap and valerian. Ancient shamans believed that this combination of plants can free the soul from corporeal confinement, allowing it to wander free and return to the body.

    In recreating this blend we used oils, powders, petals and seeds of blue lotus, calamus, camphor, red poppy petals, acacia, davana, frankincense, galalangal, turmeric, valerian, skullcap and sweetgrass.

    Recreational Use: Mix a pinch (less than 3 grams) with any smoking blend and use in a pipe or rolled as a cigarette.

    Ceremonial Use: This ritual should always be accompanied by music and a drink – either alcohol (very mild red or pink wine – NO white wine or strong alcohol) or non alcoholic (blue lotus tea, blue lily tea, bala root tea, calamus tea) Throw a pinch of the Nepalese Shaman blend on a hot rock or in a charcoal burner set on a tripod. Inhale the vapors deeply for a few minutes, lie down on your back, close your eyes and meditate on your third eye – you will find yourself floating into a calm state of bliss.

    (1/2 oz) NPB-HOZ | Your Cost:
    (1 oz) NPB-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (2 oz) NPB-4OZ | Your Cost:

    Alpinia galanga (Galangal) - 1oz
    View this product in more detail >>

    This is authentic Himalyan Galangal (the one used by the mystics and NOT the culinary one) that was a favorite of Aleister Crowley, the English occultist.

    Reportedly, alone it's a powerful aphrodisiac, but becomes an extremely useful tool to create psychic awareness when used with with wild alpine turmeric (not to be confused with the common spice turmeric). Combining these two mystical roots enabled the perfect yin-yang / body-mind balance according to ancient scriptures, and may be the reason that Aleister Crowley found it so useful.


    (1 oz) APG-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) APG-4OZ | Your Cost:
    (16 oz) APG-16Z | Your Cost:

    Asphaltum (Shilajit) - Unpurified
    View this product in more detail >>

    Asphaltum (Shilajit) is the traditional herb of choice for ALL medicine men in the Himalayas and spread across India and Tibet for its phenomenal power when mixed with pure milk to enhance energy, sexual and spiritual power. Just 10 mg of purified shilajit has proven efficacy in 30 minutes for a full grown human.

    Shilajit can be used in its raw form for animistic ritual and dream enhancement ceremonies or in its super purified form for enhancing both mental and psycho spiritual activity of the brain.


    (1/2 oz) ASPH-HOZ | Your Cost:
    (1 oz) ASPH-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (2 oz) ASPH-2OZ | Your Cost:

    Baheda (Teminalia belerica)
    View this product in more detail >>

    Shamans used Baheda regularly for visionary guidance to finding cures, and it has been used extensively in Asian medicine, appearing in the Chinese, Indian and Arabic tradition for their psycho somatic qualities.

    The fruit of this bellarica variety and the bark of myrobolan (people on heart medication should NOT use these herbs) has a pronounced sedative and depressant effect on the sympathetic nervous system. By reducing the system's activity, the herb brings about the lowering of blood pressure. As a result, it may also be helpful when used to relieve anxiety and insomnia, as well as more serious mental health problems such as psychosis.

    (1 oz) BAH-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) BAH-4OZ | Your Cost:



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