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    Calea Zacatechichi (Dream Herb)
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    Calea Zacatechichi (Dream Herb/Leaf of God) is a plant used by the Chontal Indians of Mexico to obtain divinatory messages through dreaming. Traditionally the plant was drank as a tea while a cigarette was smoked before bed, bringing relaxation and fluidity to mind and body, ushering in an easy and deep sleep during which the dreamer will find the gates to the dreamscape gently opened.

    (1 oz) DHL-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) DHL-4OZ | Your Cost:
    (16 oz) DHL-16Z | Your Cost:

    Leonotis Sibericus (Marihuanilla)
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    Our growers carefully harvest this particular strain of Leonotis at its peak potency, which not only makes for a smoother burning leaf, but gives this carefully dried herb its unique appearance as well. The inhabitants of the rugged and remote mountainous region in the Mexican state of Chiapis fondly refer to this herb as Marahuanilla or "Little Marijuana", but it is also known as Siberean Mugwort and as Chinese Motherwort as well. It has been used for ages in in Chinese medicine for various ailments. We don't find this to be quite as effective as the Klip Dagga or our flat dried Dagga leaf, but we offer it because it is a popular request by our customers, and it does provide a smooth smoke for blending with other herbs.

    (1 oz) MRH-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) MRH-4OZ | Your Cost:
    (16 oz) MRH-16Z | Your Cost:

    Mitragyna speciosa - Premium Kratom Leaf
    View this product in more detail >>

    There is much controversy with this plant due to a crop of fake Kratom from France that was distributed worldwide in the recent past. Our Kratom has been verified as authentic by 2 independent sources, including Daniel Siebert. Be wary of a new crop of inferior Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) that is appearing for $5.99/oz; it is much lower quality than the verified mitragynine alkaloid content of what we offer.

    Kratom is legal everywhere except Thailand, and is known to ease the mind and energize the body in smaller amounts, while creating a vivid meditative repose that lasts 4-6 hours in larger amounts. Typically, 14 grams of Mitragyna speciosa was extracted into water, and drank in one gulp as a tea, or made into a resinous ball, then swallowed.

    But, we offer this extracted plant material strictly for external use only as an exotic incense. Not for human consumption.

    (1oz/28g) KRT-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4oz/112g) KRT-4OZ | Your Cost:
    (16 oz) KRT-16Z | Your Cost:

    Whole Leaf Korth Kratom (Red Vein)
    View this product in more detail >>

    This is the coveted "Red Vein" Korth strain of Kratom leaves. We have a private grower for this organic leaf, who hand picks the leaves, flat dries them, and sends them to us in VERY limited quantities. The quality of this Mitragyna speciosa dried leaf in unparalleled! We are proud to offer this unique Kratom product and ship packages out in a first come, first serve basis, one per customer per order per week.

    We offer this extracted plant material strictly for external use only as an exotic incense. Not for human consumption.

    (1 oz) KRP-1OZ | Your Cost:

    Kratom Super Powder
    View this product in more detail >>

    This Powdered Kratom leaf (Super Kratom Leaf) is active at just 2-3 grams, with strong effects at 4-5 grams. It's a darker green than our Premuim Kratom, with a slightly coarser grind, but this is the most potent pure dried leaf we have found. Remember, this is pure Kratom leaf with all of its naturally occurring alkaloids; it's unadulterated, natural, Mitragyna speciosa leaf that mixes well in a variety of liquids.

    But, we offer this raw plant material strictly for external use only as an exotic incense. Not for human consumption.

    (6 grams) KSK-6G | Your Cost:
    (12 grams) KSK-12G | Your Cost:
    (24 grams) KSK-24G | Your Cost:
    (50 grams) KSK-50G | Your Cost:

    Sinicuichi (Sun Opener)
    View this product in more detail >>

    Native in Highlands from Mexico to Northern Argentina, Sinicuichi is an ancient divination plant, but one of the least known in the Western world. The natives believe that sinicuichi has sacred or supernatural qualities; they say it helps them recall past events back to pre-natal ones as if they had happened yesterday. Fresh leaves would be soaked in water and left to ferment in the sun for 2 days. The volume of water would be reduced, and the resulting bitter liquid was drunk in one gulp. Dried leaves aren't nearly as effective, but the only source for dried leaves are the ones you grow yourself.

    (1 oz) SDL-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) SDL-4OZ | Your Cost:
    (16 oz) SDL-16Z | Your Cost:

    Tagetes lucida (Mexican Tarragon)
    View this product in more detail >>

    Tagetes lucida is a beautiful, bright green perennial herb from the Sierra Mandre Mountains of Mexico. It is used by the local Indians recreationally as well as in the kitchen. It has a very mild anise flavor and a sweet taste. In Mexico, it is used as a tea to calm stomachs, relax nerves and to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover.

    In ceremonies, the Huichol Indians from the Sierra Madre Mountains reportedly have visions when smoking the herb in combination with the consumption of fermented Tarragon tea, which is prepared the same way Sinicuichi is prepared. Tagetes lucida has been used since pre-Hispanic times and when smoked, is said to produce everything from euphoria to "closed-eye-images" similar to other herbs that were used used for divination.

    (1 oz) TDA-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) TDA-4OZ | Your Cost:
    (16 oz) TDA-16Z | Your Cost:

    Wild Dagga Flat Dried Leaf (Klip)
    View this product in more detail >>

    This Wild Dagga Flat Leaf is our premium Dagga product, picked by hand from our private reserve, without the use of pesticides of any kind. Used by the Xhosa tribesmen of South Africa as an inebriant, this is the much sought after "Klip Dagga" strain, but hand-picked and cured for ultimate appearance and quality. This Flat Leaf Wild Dagga is ideal using as a relaxing smoke, or as an admixture to any favorite herbal smoking product.

    (1 oz) DCL-1OZ | Your Cost:
    (4 oz) DCL-4OZ | Your Cost:
    (16 oz) DCL-16Z | Your Cost:

    Wild Dagga - Lion's Tail (Leonotis Leonurus)
    View this product in more detail >>

    This dried Wild Dagga is wildcrafted and harvested sustainably. This is another product that we buy directly from the growers, who still use this plant for themselves to this day. This unusually potent Leonotis leonurus (Lion's Tail) leaf is often preferred by our customers, and gets the most repeat customers, partially because we offer it at such a reduced price. We want to encourage as much sustainable harvesting of this particular Wild Dagga as we can, so offering it near-wholesale allows us to buy more from the growers.

    Many traditional uses have been recorded. This foliage is commonly made into a medicinal tea, which is favored for the hypnotic focus it gives.

    (1 oz) WDL-1OZ | Your Cost:



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